lois epperson-gale
interstitial memorythe metastasis of hopelaminal echoprints

erythrocytic emergencelacunalacuna (plastic zone)perichondrial memoryin situbeneath the surface
I'm motivated by the natural world and particularly by complex structures, functions, and spaces—whether the structure is the human body, the architectural dwellings familiar to daily living, or psychological spaces either obsessed about or neglected. I’m fascinated by the space between words—both what is said and what is left unsaid—and how the subtlety of these subtexts interrelate. My work explores dualities and inevitable change. Acceptance and denial. Fragility and strength. It seems that these things often coexist at the same time. Seeking always to find a sense of balance—both within myself and within the work, I examine how our wellbeing is related to our actions, non-actions, and the health of our environment.

I frequently use the medium of encaustic because it is so body like. There is a sense of both resistance and malleability inherent in the material—much like memory. While I use wax as a protective sealant and a conceptual material, I integrate anything that feels resonant, including paint, photographs, found objects, etc. My interaction with these materials creates an environment in which I am able to think with my hands.